Thirty women who accused Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct have settled with his former team, the Houston Texans.

As KPRC-TV reported, all of the women who made or planned to make claims against the Texans for playing a role in Watson’s alleged misconduct have resolved their claims for an undisclosed amount. Last year, the quarterback was accused of making unwanted sexual advances or sexually assaulting multiple women during massage therapy sessions. The settlements with the Texans come less than a month after Watson himself settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits against him. 

Watson has denied the accusations, but admitted that he had sexual encounters with some of the women. He claimed those encounters were consensual, and that he did not force any masseuse to do anything against their will. 

“I will have no further comment on the allegations or the Texans’ role, other than to say that there is a marked contrast in the way in which the Texans addressed these allegations, and the way in which Watson’s team has done so," said attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents all 30 women. "As previously reported, only one of the 30 women who made allegations against the Texans filed a formal lawsuit. That particular lawsuit will be dismissed with prejudice as soon as the appropriate settlement paperwork is complete.”

Buzbee confirmed that the remaining four lawsuits against Watson are scheduled to go ahead as planned. “We hope to try them all in the spring of next year. In the meantime, we will continue to do the important work to prepare for such," he said. 

As with the news of the settlements with Watson last month, Buzbee highlighted that Ashley Solis was the first woman to go public with her alleged experiences with the athlete. "Because of her willingness to speak out, soon others followed," he said. "I admire Ashley Solis and the other woman who were courageous enough to make their voices heard. I hope their bravery serves as an example to others who have been subjected to similar conduct. Every story has a hero – in this story, that hero is Ashley Solis and the other woman who, despite the ridicule, criticism, and vitriol directed at them, endured."