With the country seemingly on the edge of chaos, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, decided to shine a ray of positivity through this looming dark cloud. 

On Tuesday, Cuban shared pictures of Delonte West at a recovery center. In the photos, the former NBA guard is seen playing frisbee with other people at the facility and kayaking.

"Because we all want something to feel great about today, here is your Delonte West update," Cuban wrote in a tweet containing the photographs. "It's still an uphill battle, but he is climbing !"

West's struggle with substance abuse has been well documented. Yet, he hit rock bottom in September when he was seen near a Dallas highway asking for help. This moved Cuban to locate West at a gas station and help him get into a recovery center. 

"I can just confirm that I found him and helped him," Cuban told The Washington Post at the time. "The rest is up to Delonte and his family to tell."

TMZ later reported that Cuban—with the help of West's mother—was able to convince the 37-year-old to enter a rehab. Cuban also offered to pay for West's recovery and help him get back on his feet. Now, it seems like West's hard work and Cuban's faith is paying off as he's working towards becoming sober.