If the Los Angeles Clippers want to seriously compete for a title next season, Shaq believes the team will need to trade Paul George during the offseason.

"They gonna have to get rid of somebody," Shaq suggested on his podcast, which is titled "The Big Podcast with Shaq." When asked to give a name, Shaq flatly replied, "C'mon bro."

After it became clear that he was talking about George, his co-host argued that since the Clippers "gave up the farm for him," it's out of the question. "They gave up the farm, but we can change some crops on that mug," Shaq fired back. 

Shaq explained that the Clippers, who recently lost during the second round of the playoffs, need to establish Kawhi Leonard as "the man" on the team.

"See Kawhi, I don't want Kawhi to delegate," he said. "When Kawhi was with Toronto he knew he was the man, everybody knew he was the man. Now you got one guy that thinks he's the man, one guy that is the man." Shaq also said he thinks the Clippers can flip George for two "good, solid players." 

Shaq's comments come on the heels of the Clippers letting head coach Doc Rivers go last month.

Head here to listen to Shaq's explanation.

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