J.R. Smith is from New Jersey—not the circus, so he made it clear that he won't support any clownery. That includes being around people who still listen to Tory Lanez.

On Sunday, Smith took to his IG Stories with a post that condemned Tory Lanez for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

"This clown shoots a female an [SIC] y'all listening to his music like it's okay," Smith wrote. "Tf @torylanez you a straight [clown]. ... an [SIC] tell whoever to hit my line it's whatever."

On Thursday, Megan Thee Stallion hosted an Instagram Live session during which she explicitly named Tory Lanez as her attacker for the first time. Megan explained that she was pushed to do so as a result of Tory's team spreading false information. 

"Yes, this n***a Tory shot me. You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs, lying and shit," Megan said. "Stop lying. Why lie? I don't understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you're dragging it."

Since then, several artists have come out in defense of Megan. Chance the Rapper thinks justice should be served swiftly in regard to the shooting while T.I. chastised Lanez for having the audacity to shoot a woman. Also, acts like JoJo and Kehlani removed Lanez from the deluxe versions of their albums.