Despite evidence to the contrary, NFL MVP Lamar Jackson doesn't buy into the infamous "Drake curse." He said as much on the most recent episode of Complex's Load Management podcast.

"The 'Drake Curse' is B.S., too," Jackson said at the episode's 25-minute mark after being asked if he's worried about his affiliation with Drizzy. "[The Raptors] just won an NBA championship."

Despite the Raptors' win, NFL fans were convinced that Jackson fell victim to the curse after Drake was seen wearing pants with the word "truss"—the South Flordia slang word that became part of the Ravens' motto for the season.

The following Sunday, the top-seeded Ravens fell to the Tennessee Titians in the playoffs. Fans immediately decided to blame the loss on Drake's support for Jackson. 

"He wore my jersey two weeks before that too," Lamar said in response to Drake wearing his merchandise before the playoff game. "He DMed me before that."

He did jokingly agree to tell Drizzy not to wear his jersey until after the Ravens win a Super Bowl. 

Along with the "Drake Curse," Lamar Jackson also has to fend off the "Madden Curse," since he's the Madden 21 cover athlete.

But, Jackson tells Load Management that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, already weathered that storm for him by winning the Super Bowl the same year he was on the cover. 

"He won the Super Bowl," Jackson said. "So if it's a curse, I want it."

Listen to the full conversation here.