Lamar Jackson can now add "Madden cover star" to his growing list of accolades. 

On Tuesday, the Ravens quarterback revealed that he'll be the face of th upcoming Madden 21 video game. 

"It's always been a dream of mine since I was a kid," Jackson said in an official statement. "So, for me to be on the front of it is like a dream come true."

After his record-breaking, MVP season, it's only right that Jackson was tapped to be on the cover. But after some people believe he fell victim to the Drake Curse, fans are worried that the equally infamous Madden Curse will plague the team's trajectory moving forward. 

Lamar made it clear that he's not worried about any curses because Patrick Mahomes eluded being damned by winning the Super Bowl after being the game's cover athlete last year.

"Patrick Mahomes was on the front he won the [Super Bowl] MVP," Jackson said. "So, I would want that curse. I hope it's a curse. I'll know if that is." 

Here's more of what people had to say about Jackson being named the Madden 21 cover star. 

It should be pointed out that the Ravens apparently announced that Lamar would cover the game before EA was ready to make the news public, and let everyone know it on Twitter.