Super Bowl LIV is finally here, which is both a good and a bad thing. The good is pretty obvious. This should be one hell of a football game, with the best offense in the NFL going up against the best defense in the league. Patrick Mahomes is one of, if not the most, exciting players in the NFL and getting to see him play football is always a blessing. The bad thing is that this is the last football game for eight months, which means no more picks and predictions for eight months. Truly, really sad. 

This has been an incredible season of NFL football and we appreciate y'all rocking with us from the beginning right up to the end. We'll obviously have a ton of coverage through the offseason as well, so this really isn't a farewell, just a minor break in the action. With all of that said, here are our Super Bowl LIV picks for the winner of the big game, but also who we all think is going to take home the MVP award at the end of the night.