While Netflix's new Aaron Hernandez docuseries reignited interest in the former NFL star's troubled life and downfall, it's also reportedly making it difficult for his victim's family to find closure. 

Sources close to Odin Lloyd's immediate family tell TMZ that Netflix's Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez reignited traumatic feelings for the family of the man Hernandez was convicted of murdering. Since overturning Massachusetts' abatement clause in March 2019 to get Hernandez's conviction to stand, the family has tried to move on from the case. In fact, whenever they are asked to participate in specials about Hernandez or the murder of their loved one, they always decline. 

The Netflix project was no different. Per TMZ's sources, the Lloyd family didn't sign off on the docuseries and didn't want to be involved with its production. Netflix instead used stock footage of the Lloyd family, which they claim makes it seem like they approved of the series. Additionally, they are reportedly "disheartened" that Netflix used images of Odin in the documentary without their permission. Yet because they are focused on moving on, they won't engage in a legal battle. 

Douglas Sheff, an attorney for the family, told E! News that he hasn't heard them express displeasure with the doc. "I continue to love and care for this family," Sheff said. "They are wonderful people. We are proud to represent them in anything they need."

Outside misusing their likeness, Killer Inside has also reportedly brought the family a lot of unwanted attention. The show's popularity has led people to inquire about their lives, with some people going as far to contact them and defend Hernandez's actions.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez hit the streaming service on Jan. 15. It follows Hernandez's life until his death in 2017. In an attempt to find a clear motive for the murder and his subsequent suicide, the docueries explores Hernandez's childhood, sexuality, as well as possible brain injuries he sustained during his football career. 

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