LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was criticized on Wednesday night after he was seen stepping on to the court with no shoes on to celebrate teammate Kyle Kuzma blocking the Utah Jazz from scoring .

Jazz announcers were heard slamming LeBron for the move. "Look at LeBron, he’s on the court. With no shoes… What is going on here? That’s some disrespect right there." 

The Lakers' Twitter account pointed out that LeBron gifted his shoes to a pair of young fans, which explains why he was seen in his socks.

While some came after LeBron for the move, others showed their support or general amusement at the situation.

Earlier in the night, the game's refs were criticized for not calling a travel on LeBron.

After the game, James called the travel "one of the worst things" he's ever done in his career. "I didn't realise I did it until halftime. One of my coaches showed me," he told reporters. "I feel bad for the refs on that one because they'll probably get a write-up on that or something. That was pretty bad," James added. 

James went on to explain how he could've made such an egregious error. "I think at the same time, I was watching the underneath play, and KCP and Donovan got into it. KCP started to run, and Donovan bumped into him, he fell on the ground," he added. "I think I was ready to pass the ball and my brain just kind of just... I had a malfunction. I really had a malfunction."

The final score was 121-96.

LeBron went on to comment on the shoe incident on Thursday on Instagram. "Negativity, bad energy, hate, envy, etc etc will try to bring you down throughout your journey and it’s up to you on how you handle it," part of his caption read.

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