Knicks fans were caught off guard when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving took their talents to Brooklyn instead of Madison Square Garden. Although there have been a lot of rumors as to why they skipped out on the Knick, Fat Joe believes they didn't want to deal with the attention that comes with playing for the franchise. 

During a recent conversation with Sports Illustrated, Fat Joe claimed that Kyrie and Durant didn't want "that New York Knick pressure," which is why he thinks the duo decided to sign with the Brooklyn Nets instead.

"They didn't want that. So they said, 'We want New York, but let's do the lesser of the drama. Let's go to Brooklyn,'" Joe said. "They didn't want that smoke. They didn't want to be on the Knicks."

KD—who currently has a lot of free time—caught wind of Joe's comments. In a tweet, Durant dismissed Joe's statements as trying to get publicity for his new album.

"Oh that’s just Joey crack trying to sell that album," KD wrote. "Go cop that family ties on December 6."

Fat Joe did have high praise for a person who took on the weight of the franchise. Carmelo Anthony has gone on record several times claiming that his return to the NBA was not centered around a farewell tour. Yet, this hasn't stopped people from debating whether the future Hall of Famer deserves to be commemorated by the league once he decides to retire. Joe disagrees with people like Stephen A. Smith because he thinks 'Melo's career should be celebrated. 

"You got to understand. [Anthony] came to New York and all the blame was on him," Joe said. "Of course he deserves a farwell. It's 'Melo."