Adam Gase could care less about Jets fans and their feelings. 

Sources tell the New York Daily News that Gase is not fazed by Jets fanatics and pundits who have criticized his coaching style. Whenever he's presented with opinions about him that are less than favorable, Gase reportedly responds with the line: "I'm rich as fuck." He also tells people behind closed doors that his "Give-A-Shit meter" is running low since his bank account is filled to the brim. 

Despite his seemingly nonchalant attitude, insiders claim that these phrases have become his defense mechanism. The Jets' 6-9 record and their overall subpar year seem to have bruised Gase's ego. So, flashing around his money is the only way Gase is able to make himself feel better. 

"He’s an insecure guy," a source said.

Gase's contract has not been revealed by the Jets, but the front office reportedly gave him this money on good faith that he would learn from the mistakes he made in Miami. Outside of the Dolphins horrible on-field play, Gase reportedly also acted immaturely towards those in the organization. This has carried over to his time with the Jets, resulting in an "influential person" in New York urging Gase to "get his act together." But Gase reportedly feels emboldened after landing a second head coaching job soon after being fired from the Dolphins.

"He’s not changing," another source told the NYDN of Gase's behavior. "He said he’s going to try to win his way."

According to the outlet, Gase has distanced himself from his players, who now view defensive coordinator Gregg Williams as their leader, while Gase has reportedly been reduced to a glorified assistant coach. Additionally, his approach to explaining losses/team issues isn't respected around the NFL. 

"He’s a professional excuse-maker," one general manager told the NYDN

It's unclear if the Jets will move forward with Gase after this season. But it sounds like the organization needs to make changes if they plan on being a contender in the near future.