The New York Jets' new head coach Adam Gase wasted no time in cementing himself into the illustrious history of New York sports memes as his wild-eyed introductory press conference set social media ablaze. 

Prior to blessing Jet's fans with a meme that will be definitely be used throughout the 2019-2020 NFL season, Adam Gase spent three years as the head coach for the Miami Dolphins, leading them to a record of 23-25 and one playoff loss during his tenure. Yet despite the subpar numbers, Gase is praised around the league for his player development particularly at the quarterback position. Because of this, the Jets feel like Gase is the right person to help mold their young play caller Sam Darnold into a franchise quarterback. 

"He’s hungry for knowledge, he wants to be coached," Gase said to the media. "This is an exciting thing for me to go through."

And although the idea of having an elite quarterback built through the Jets is an interesting topic, all of this was overshadowed by the fact Gase's face never relaxed.