Jason Garrett has been in the hot seat all season, as the Dallas Cowboys continue to be one of the most frustrating teams in the NFL. Now, former Dallas wide receiver, Dez Bryant, thinks he knows what Garrett can do to be a better head coach.

On Tuesday morning, Bryant took to Twitter, where he urged Garrett to seek counsel from Baltimore's head coach John Harbaugh. According to Dez, Harbaugh knows how to relate to his black players and get the best performance out of them. Dez was careful not to call Garrett racist, but he does believe there is a disconnect in the locker room.

"Coach Garrett need to have a sit down with John Harbaugh and learn how to relate better with his black players," Dez tweeted. "it’s hard to win whenever you got a divided organization I 100% don’t believe coach is racist... he can’t relate."

Bryant played under Garrett for the seven years that he was with the Dallas Cowboys. Although he didn't go into detail, he did claim that his comments came from his experience with Garrett and the organization. 

"On God my time was over due... I’m proud of Dak and the rest of those guys over there... my era is done," Bryant said in response to trolls claiming that his comment was rooted in jealousy. "I wish I would have my mind set on something I can’t control.. I actually know coach Garrett that’s why I’m speaking like that." 

"I’m nothing like T.O so we’ll stop right there .. quit wanting the truth about shit and when you get the truth," Bryant said to another troll who compared him to Terrell Owens. "you want the truth to be justified because it’s not what you want to hear ....I’m not guessing or making this shit up...speaking from my knowledge."

While Bryant's comments weren't centered around a specific position, both Baltimore and Dallas' pockets are manned by black quarterbacks. Earlier in the season, the Ravens' Lamar Jackson and the Cowboys' Dak Prescott were both in the MVP hunt. But after a few bad losses by Dallas (and Jackson's spectacular performances), Jackson has distanced himself from the pack.

Additionally, Dallas had a promising core heading into the year. The three-headed monster of Amari Cooper, Prescott, and Ezekiel Elliott made Dallas the favorites to win the NFC according to some. Garrett's inability to get the team's potential to translate on the gridiron—like Harbaugh has done with the Ravens—is an issue that Bryant believes is rooted in his lack of cultural competence. Despite Bryant's inside knowledge, Dak refutes claims that the locker room is divided.

"He knows how to lead a team," Prescott said when asked about Garrett. "I've said it before, we've all got his back in this locker room.