James Dolan may not have many, if any, fans within NBA circles, but New York Knicks forward Kevin Knox doesn't see what everyone else does. TMZ recently caught up with Knox at LAX where the upcoming second-year player opened up about his thoughts on Dolan. 

"He's good, man. I like him," Knox said. "He talks to us a lot of times before the games."

He even went on to call him a "great person" before coming forward with another interesting revelation. "I play Fortnite with his sons all the time," he adds. "He's a good dude." 

Despite the bad rap that Dolan gets by nearly everyone else that has ever interacted with him, Knox surprisingly has nothing but good things to say about the guy in charge of the Knicks. It doesn't hurt that he has gotten in good with Dolan's kids with the help of a game that the team's head coach had an issue with last season. 

"Fortnite, that’s my competitor right now," David Fizdale told The Athletic's Mike Vorkunov. "Fortnite is undefeated."

Fizdale was commentating about his young players' affection towards the game, and how it has impacted their ability to get quality sleep. 

"You don’t know who it is at home doing it, but I think this generation, they are an online generation," Fizdale said. "It’s still a bunch of blue light in their eyes keeping them up all night. I do get concerned with how much rest they get. How it affects reaction time and irritability, things like that. So, yeah. Guys are different. Some guys aren’t really into it like that. Then there’s other guys."

All this talk about Knox playing Fortnite distract you from the fact that he admitted to never hearing a song by Dolan's band JD & the Straight Shot.