For those that follow the BIG3 they know that Glen "Big Baby" Davis is one of the leagues more eccentric characters and Davis lived up to his reputation with his latest antic. 

On Sunday, Davis's Power squad went head-to-head with the Trilogy. Emotions began to run high after his team started to fall behind, leading the Power co-captain to haggle with the referee about a foul call which resulted in an ejection. But, this wasn't the end of things. After being tossed from the game, Davis took the long way out of the arena. First, he made his way into the stand before tossing his jersey and shorts into the crowd. 

During his time in the NBA, Big Baby was known to have a hot temper which has followed him off the court as well. In 2013, the then-Orlando Magic was denied access at a hotel. In response, Davis destroyed the front desk and tossed the computer keyboard across the lobby.