Drake puts an extreme amount of care into his trolling. The Toronto Raptors ambassador showed that when he appeared at Game 1 of the NBA finals in a Dell Curry Raptors jersey to taunt Golden State star Steph Curry. Now, the story is out on how Drake sourced the rare outfit and it's characteristically over-the-top. 

Drake is rocking the Dell Curry raptors jersey tonight 😂 pic.twitter.com/Kru8ULMkXZ

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) May 31, 2019

Drake had his people call around for the rare outfit. Dell spent the bulk of his NBA career in Charlotte, only playing for the Raptors for a few years at the tail end of his playing days. Because of this, the world wasn't exactly flooded with black and red Curry gear.  So, they reached out to specialist and vintage store owner Al Martiniello in Brooklyn. 

According to journalist Darren Rovell, Martiniello had never seen the Curry jersey in question, so he reached out to his own expert. His friend Evan Flores took three hours to find a man named Benjamin Weil, who owned a signed Curry jersey that was made for the man himself. Weil didn't want to let go of the jersey but eventually they reached a deal. 

“He loves Dell,” Martiniello said in an interview with Action Network. “And it wasn’t about money, but I did have to ask him, if I could convince you to sell what’s the lowest number you would take?”

Weil and Martiniello eventually found a price and once the clothier had the jersey, he was faced with getting it to Drake before Game 1. The game was the next day. So he hopped in the car with his jersey connect Flores and they drove 10 hours to Toronto to hand off the jersey in person. 

Clearly it worked, as the Raptors beat the Warriors and Drake felt himself enough to call Draymond Green trash to his face.