Bill Burr is the latest to vocalize his discontent with Drake's courtside behavior during this year's NBA Playoffs.

The comedian took to his podcast to discuss his issue with sports media labeling the rapper a "superfan." Around the 8:00-minute mark in the video below, he starts by saying, "I watched a little bit of the NBA Finals and the fact that they’re calling Drake a superfan, it’s just like, I know it’s a business, I know it’s about money, but that guy is the furthest thing from a superfan."

"A superfan is there through thick and thin. Where the fuck has this guy been," he asked before referencing actual superfan Nav Bhatia. To be fair, Drake has been riding with the Toronto Raptors for a while now, though his active involvement has been more pronounced since becoming the team's global ambassador. 

"All of the sudden, Drake comes in, who’s a super bandwagon fan, to the point he has to wear a fucking wristband or a headband on his fucking arm because he’s got tattoos of the jerseys of the players on the other fucking team," Burr continued.

Later, he criticizes the Raptors fanatic for actions such as "going on to the court, getting into the faces of players, having arguments with them, and he is being, like, championed. Like he’s this amazing fan."

Other individuals share Burr's view on the possibility of Drake carrying out these antics for monetary purposes. Shaq recently said that Drake is simply executing a strategic "marketing" plan and he welcomes the shenanigans. Since the rapper currently has the role of global ambassador for the Raptors, what better way is there to create team awareness?

Perhaps the only thing more entertaining than Drake's fandom is the extent at which he goes to troll the opposing team.