Drake's sideline antics have become one of the biggest stories of this year's NBA Playoffs. While some think the rapper should tone things down, NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal has no problem with Drizzy's behavior.

On Tuesday, the Hall of Famer explained to TMZ that Drake is not an average fan. As the Toronto Raptors' Global Ambassador, Drake has more invested in the franchise than the general spectator. Shaq mentions that the Raptors' practice facility is named the OVO Athletic Centre after Drake's October's Very Own brand, making his antics similar to the enthusiasm expressed by Clippers Chairman Steve Ballmer. 

"Think about it? The practice facility is named after him," Shaq said. "So what's the difference between him and Steve Ballmer? What they do? He's just having fun, having a good time. And, again, as a guy sitting there watching on TV, it's very entertaining."

Although O'Neal thinks Drake is genuinely excited to see his hometown team in the Finals, the Lakers legend also believes that the rapper's behavior is a savvy business move.

"Drake is a smart guy. He knows what he's doing," Shaq explained. "It's called 'marketing' people."

In addition to Drake, Shaq also says that he's intrigued by the "drama" surrounding this year's Finals. Coming into the series, Golden State suffered injuries to key players including Kevin Durant. Although DeMarcus Cousins has willed himself to a position where he can produce productive minutes, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney are now hurt. As for Toronto, the Raptors are hoping that a championship will entice Kawhi Leonard to resign with the team. 

"The drama... I love it," Shaq stated. "So, as a fan and an analyst, you just want to see good basketball."