In the nearly six weeks since he was sent from New York to Cleveland for Jabrill Peppers and a pair of draft picks, Odell Beckham Jr. hasn't revealed a whole lot to the public.

But on Monday, at least on his Twitter account, the three-time Pro-Bowler reversed that trend, at least for a few hours. The catalyst for the temporary typing of his emotions appeared to be a day old story from HotNewHipHop saying that Giants GM Dave Gettleman won't be missing Beckham. Apparently that @ got his attention and, according to his emoji usage, he laughed it off:

Over the course of the next few hours Beckham responded to a few of his online detractors, in addition to the occasional actual fan of his, which he provided fair warning for. Oh, and also he rejected the possibility of ever returning to NY:

In response to a fan who was on team Beckham, Odell also said he just wanted some "respect on my name" which is certainly a reference to Gettleman stating that the Giants had a "cultural problem" that needed fixing before they could actually be really good.

"I think some people are still missing it," Gettleman said to "Football is the ultimate team game. If all 11 guys aren’t doing the right thing, you’re not going to be successful.... There’s more to it [than] just collecting talent. There is a cultural thing to it that’s critical. I have not been on a team that’s gone to a Super Bowl that’s had a culture problem."

With that out of the way here's what Beckham said:

He also said he wasn't mad about going to Cleveland, but reiterated that he thought his old team's move was "crazy" and "beyond disrespectful":

He later moved on to a lighter note and also probably took a shot at people hopping in his mentions with jeers/insults:

But that wasn't all. OBJ continued to fire off more tweets.