True to the barking that surrounded the matchup between Damian Lillard's Trailblazers and Russell Westbrook's Thunder, Dame reportedly spoke his spectacular elimination of OKC into existence the night before the historic performance. 

On Wednesday, sources close to Portland described to Yahoo Sports Dame's calm and prophetic demeanor the night before Tuesday's Game 5. Lillard evidently invited some close friends to his house to watch the Utah Jazz take on the Houston Rockets. During the game, Dame watched quietly as Utah saved themselves from being swept with a 107-91 victory over the Rockets. This performance either irritated or inspired Lillard as he finally broke his silence to state his intentions. 

"I'm getting rid of these motherfuckers tomorrow," Lillard allegedly said before returning his focus to his meal and the television.

Dame's declaration proved to be true. Almost 24 hours after putting his thoughts in the air, Lillard ended the Thunders' season by hitting a walk-off three-pointer over OKC star Paul George.

That shot gave Lillard 50 points on the night as well as making him the only player besides Michael Jordan to have multiple series-clinching buzzer beaters.

Like the number they share, Westbrook and Lillard are two of the NBA's elite point guards. As a result, there is an intense competition between the two that boils over every time they play each other. During this year's playoffs the tension hit an all-time high as Russ amped up his trash talk and competitiveness to another level. But it was Dame who was able to get the last laugh by silencing the Thunder with a shot that will live infamy.