ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Kansas City Chiefs have identified the fan that tried to distract Tom Brady during the AFC Championship game and will pursue criminal charges against the culprit. 

After the Chiefs' overtime loss to the New England Patriots, a local Kansas City television station reported that a mysterious green laser was flashed in the eyes of the Patriots' quarterback. This prompted the Chiefs to review their personal film to help the NFL identify the person(s) responsible. Eventually, the organization was able to pinpoint the origin. And now, sources claim that the Chiefs are working with the Kansas City District Attorney's office to ensure fan faces "the harshest penalty possible."

At first, the Kansas City police were going to issue the fan, whose identity has yet to be released, a simple citation for disorderly conduct. However, this did not satisfy the Chiefs' front office, resulting in the team pressuring authorities to explore all options. It is said that the team is taking a tough stance to ensure that these antics are not reflective of the franchise's integrity.

"There's a lot of pride in Kansas City," a Chiefs official explained. "We and our fans thought, 'You don't do that here.'"

This is not the first time NFL fans have used high-powered lasers to distract the opposing team's players. This tactic may be more harmful than a mere incomplete pass. According to several sources, the light when shined directly at an unsuspecting person could cause irreversible eye damage.

As a result, the Chiefs are going above and beyond to make sure others do not try anything similar, leading the team to pair their pursuit of criminal charges with a lifetime ban from Arrowhead Stadium. That could arguably be more hurtful to a Chiefs fan that the possible legal punishment.