The arc of the universe bends toward Nick Foles getting his money. Philadelphia's lucky charm earned a $1 million bonus after the Eagles pulled off a jaw-dropping win against Chicago

For those who might have missed it, the Eagles narrowly avoided elimination on an improbable botched field goal from Bears kicker Cody Parkey. Parkey managed to hit both an upright and the crossbar on the heartbreaking failed attempt with just 10 seconds left on the clock. 

As ESPN's Jeff Darlington points out, the win granted Foles 1 million dollars.   

"Nick Foles’ restructured contract this offseason pays him $500k for playing 33 percent of snaps in a playoff game — and another $500k for a win in that instance," he wrote on Twitter. "And he’s walking around here all calm. I’d be spraying champagne from the 300 section of Soldier Field by now."

The bonus comes just a week after a bruised rib kept Foles from earning another million. His contract allowed for a bonus if he played in 33 percent of the Eagles' offensive plays and the team made the playoffs. The fact that he had to sit left him sitting at 32 percent, even as the Eagles made it into the postseason. 

We're sure that Foles doesn't mind too much. After all, the bonus for winning a Super Bowl has to be pretty hefty. 

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