J.R. Smith is the latest to weigh in on R. Kelly's actions following the airing of the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. Smith noted the unfairness of a system that would send Meek Mill to jail for illegally riding a dirtbike while Kelly was free.  

"So what y’all telling me is Meek can go to jail for riding a dirt bike but R Kelly can sleep an piss on 14 year olds an NOTHING happens!" he wrote on Twitter. 

Smith is joining in a chorus of celebrities coming out against Kelly after his alleged sex cult and abuse of minors was aired out by the series. R&B singer 6lack tweeted about the need to rid the music industry of Kelly

"This surviving r kelly series really has me pissed to start the new year," he wrote. "Get this man tf outta here. Please. He beyond trash." 

When a fan countered that 6lack was standing on Kelly's shoulders, he didn't waver. "Bitch I ain't ask you shit," the artist responded. "He ain't the reason for my existence, God is. Now you get tf outta here wit him too."

6lack was far from the harshest critic of Kelly. Shark Tank star Daymond John told Kelly he wants him to die in jail.