With 31 passing  touchdowns vs. just seven picks, and a division leading 9-1 record, Patrick Mahomes is making the Chiefs look prescient for trading Alex Smith and promoting the 23-year-old out of Texas Tech to full-time starter for the 2018 season. With tousled tresses and an endearing Kermit voice, the young QB dynamo got the Seth Wickersham treatment with ESPN, and when the feature dropped on Wednesday, it was revealed he puts ketchup on everything, including his steak. 

It's the sort of quirky factoid fans really...relish. He was of course asked about his favorite condiment on Thursday, and copped to enjoying the tomato-vinegar medley not just on steak, but on macaroni and cheese, as well.

As you can tell, he also gave Texas burger chain Whataburger a shout-out and mentioned Heinz. Like all smart marketing departments, Whataburger jumped at the chance for the free publicity, and offered Mahomes a gift.  

Rather than simply sending him a care package, Heinz issued a challenge to the star QB. Toss 57 touchdowns, two more than the NFL record of 55 set by Peyton Manning with the Broncos in 2013, and they'll give him a lifetime supply of ketchup. 

Why 57 you ask? Well, dedicated NFL insider Adam Schefter got to the bottom of the seemingly impossible number of touchdown passes in a season. 

Upon first glance, Whataburger is the winner here. Sure, a lifetime supply is quite the commitment, but Mahomes would need to toss 26 touchdowns in his final six games, which is more than four per game. However, Kansas City's AFC rivals, the Steelers, play at Heinz field, and the idea of getting a lifetime supply from the stadium sponsor of your rival is a delicious trash-talking treat to break out if they meet in the playoffs. 

It's good to be Patrick Mahomes, unless you actually enjoy a good steak or traditional macaroni and cheese. Except, based off how Mahomes is performing, maybe we're all eating those meals wrong. (We aren't. Ketchup on steak is gross.)

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