While it's not quite as bad as, say, being called a "bitch" by Draymond Green in front of the whole team, some fans in Dallas got an earful from a fed up Kevin Durant after they reportedly heckled him for what sounds like an extended period of time this past Saturday. According to TMZ (who cited the original footage via a tweet from user @carson_landes), KD got some catharsis in the form of approaching the fan/fans during the first quarter and saying "watch the fucking game and shut the fuck up":

TMZ adds that a nearby fan told them that the fan(s) were spewing fairly standard NBA trash talk by calling him "cupcake" while tossing in some other insults. A(nother) nearby fan with a different take said that the shouters were throwing out "cupcake" so much that it was becoming unbearable, and reasoned that Durant's response was completely justified. The latter observer also stated that Durant approached a ref to do something about it, but no action was taken.

Anyway, as has been the case with many a previous over-the-top hecklings, Durant's suggestion was ignored, and the offending fans ramped up their shit talk since it appeared to be annoying its target. Durant finished the game with 32 points, and the Warriors narrowly lost 112-109. Sometimes it pays to be a robot.