More details have emerged in the ongoing Warriors drama. Draymond Green was suspended for a Tuesday's game for reportedly calling Kevin Durant a "bitch." But that wasn't the whole story. Chris Hayes of Yahoo writes that it was how Green included KD's upcoming free agency in his verbal takedown that led to the one-game suspension.

After Green allegedly told Durant, "You’re a bitch and you know you’re a bitch," he moved on to the crux of his displeasure with the back-to-back Finals MVP. Ultimately, according to Hayes' reporting, that's what necessitated the one-game suspension. Sources tell Hayes, "Green blurted to Durant something along the lines of, 'We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave.'" 

To understand why that comment would provoke something as drastic as a suspension, it's worth remembering the context of the team right now. Next season, Golden State moves into the Chase Center, a deluxe new arena across the Bay in ritzy San Francisco. The team desperately wants Durant to be there, and even had him tour the facilities while wearing a meme-able ensemble of boots, hardhat, and Keith Van Horn socks. 

But a cloud of uncertainty now looms over the team, and could ultimately derail one of the greatest dynasties the NBA has ever seen.

Some in the Warriors' orbit have called Green's one-game suspension an overreaction, which could be a grievance Green brings up during his own free agency negotiations in the summer of 2020. By suspending Green, the team has made it clear that it wants to retain Durant. It doesn't matter if he signs another 1-and-1 deal that could see him bounce in 2020. They're opening a new arena and Durant is not only a huge draw, but arguably the second best player in the league.

But Green reminded Durant they had already reached the top of the mountain before he got to the Bay. The brutality of the words stems from not only their veracity, but how they're the foundation of the criticism that's followed Durant since he arrived in town. Now, it might be what ultimately undoes the whole thing. The trolls may have actually won.