The NFL tends to dominate sports conversations around the country, which is why it's so unfortunate that baseball's biggest moment comes deep into the season. But the Seattle Seahawks wanted to remind everybody that there's another American pastime and they are in the middle of some sort of Series with a touchdown celebration on Sunday. 

After Ed Dickson scored a touchdown with a throw from Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett switched sports with the help of a few teammates. Along with Doug Baldwin, they recreated a baseball mini-drama. Lockett chucked the football at the "batter" Baldwin, who reacted to being hit by a pitch by charging the mound. Of course, the rest of the team had to protect their pitcher, so the fictitious benches cleared and several other Seahawks joined in the pseudo-scrum. 

It's getting #DangeRuss in here. 🔥 @EdDickson84 | #SEAvsDET

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) October 28, 2018

They aren't the first to trot out a hit-by-pitch routine since the league relaxed its rules around touchdown celebrations. The Philadelphia Eagles pulled something similar last year. 

Still, the Eagles didn't really commit and we have to give the Seahawks credit for really selling their roles. Plus, more people = better celebration, that's just math. We're a long ways away from Joe Horn calling his family, but it's still fun to watch players walk right up to the line of what the NFL will accept since the rule change. Check it out up top.