Joel Embiid enjoys poking fun at his opponents. It's part and parcel of a personality that's tailor-made for an NBA Twitter audience that revels in #pettywarz. So fans should have been prepared when Embiid's preseason foil, Mo Bamba, came to Philadelphia Saturday night when the Sixers faced the Magic.

When Embiid burned the rookie baseline for a jam, the opening notes of Sheck Wes' anthem "Mo Bamba" rang out from the Wells Fargo Center's speakers. It got cut off pretty quickly, but when a timeout was called, it played again as Embiid skipped to the sideline with joy.

Sheck's cackling laughter on the track might as well have been Embiid, who had a hand in queuing up the glorious troll job before the game:

The Process finished with 32 points and 10 rebounds, while the Sixers won 116-115 thanks to a late J.J. Redick 3-pointer.