Steph Curry isn't averse to talking trash when the moment calls for it.

But he keeps his trash talk on the court. Other players, meanwhile, enjoy roasting each other on social media. Consider the example of Joel Embiid, who recently came at rookie center DeAndre Ayton, creating a fun new big-man rivalry. Though Curry doesn't engage in the Twitter slander himself, he enjoys following it.

In a new interview with Bill Simmons, Curry discussed how NBA Twitter has revolutionized the consumption experience of hoops fans—and players. "C.J. [McCollum] and [Kevin Durant] had their thing, whatever," Curry says. "I take that as pure entertainment. NBA Twitter is unreal. Like it's a thing—it's a legit thing. And it's really entertaining...throughout the course of the season, you got [Joel] Embiid's stuff, you got Enes Kanter, you got all sorts of people just throwing shade back and forth."

Curry is on board with the trend. Players may not get after each other on the court quite like they used to—you rarely see physical altercations anymore—but they sure are petty on the internet. "The NBA pettiness is at an all-time high and I am here for it," he adds.

The entire interview will provide valuable fodder for deprived NBA fans during the dry summer months. (Is it October yet?) The pundit and standout guard also discussed DeMarcus Cousins' eventual return to action from his Achilles' injury. The loaded Warriors are in no hurry.

"I think all the way through, just the benefit of being on our team, obviously for him, is there's no rush for him to come back," Curry says. "He can really take his time and get right. But, when I look at just the opportunity that comes past January, February, whenever he comes back, to the playoffs, it gives us a whole new dynamic."

Scary to consider. Listen to the full interview here.