On Monday night the Philadelphia 76ers squared off against the Orlando Magic in the preseason, pitting the No. 6 pick in the 2018 Draft, Mo Bamba, against Philadelphia's All-NBA center and reigning social media king, Joel Embiid. The actual action was so-so, as the Sixers won 120-114, with Embiid scoring 21 points in 22 minutes, to go with seven assists and two blocks. Embiid reminded Mo of his domination on IG after the game:


Like my ninja MO... His skinny ass can’t guard me @therealmobamba

A post shared by Joel "The Process" Embiid (@joelembiid) on Oct 1, 2018 at 7:46pm PDT

But Bamba, a ridiculously long, agile big who personifies "upside" for draftniks, did score at the rim against JoJo for two of his 12 points in 16 minutes of action off the bench:

And the young Magic center outta Harlem didn't waste the opportunity to remind his elder of the head-to-head score:


“Welcome to the ******* League Mo.” 🗣😏

A post shared by Mo Bamba (@therealmobamba) on Oct 1, 2018 at 7:56pm PDT

But this is Embiid, and he's not the type of player to take a social media barb lying down. He came back in the comments with a galaxy-level rebuttal:

"Bro, that's a block, layup...whatever that is. You were BBQ chicken on the post tonight. You had 4 fouls in 8 mins young fella. I woulda fouled you out in 10. That's a welcome to the f league. Gotta learn how to guard without fouling. All love haha."

Bamba's response to the comment was sufficiently cowed while getting one last jab in:

"Fair enough. I'll Back in the lab tmmr to work on it...until then enjoy the poster. I'll send it as a Christmas card as well 😂

Despite the wisecracks, it's all love between the two young bigs:

Joel Embiid, Mo Bamba
Image via Getty/Mitchell Leff