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LeBron James moves with the grace and syncopation of a ballerina on PEDs, so it's not rare for fans to envision him blasting off the line as a slot receiver or tight end and out-jumping everyone on the field for a touchdown in the NFL.

It's not just self-loathing Browns fans who feel this way, either. Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, wants LeBron on his Patriots to act as the yin to Rob Gronkowski's yang in the most unstoppable NFL receiving duo ever imagined. 

After James posted a glamour shot of himself skying above the rim on Instagram, Brady hopped in his mentions like a young Cavs fan with poor syntax and a love for exclamation marks, and wrote, "Damn bro come play tight end you and Gronk would be unstoppable!!!!"

Brady's awestruck IG comment isn't even the first time a pro football player salivated over James on the gridiron this year. In March, then-Steelers rookie Juju Smith-Schuster publicly campaigned for James to ditch the NBA and join the Steelers.

To give you an idea of just how long NFL players have –– like the rest of us –– marveled at James' athleticism and hand-eye coordination, and it's possible translation on a football field, then-Saints tight end Jimmy Graham predicted a record-breaking James tenure in the NFL back in 2011.