Things have gotten really dire for the Cleveland Browns as they near the end of their 2016-17 season. While fans of other teams are watching their squads fight for playoff positions or evaluating the young talent on the roster, Cleveland fans are sentenced to watching the Browns play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon.

According to a reporter from 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, fans are showing their displeasure in ways originally thought impossible. People are really calling into their local television networks and requesting the Steelers game against the Cincinnati Bengals instead. Neither of those teams are great and the city is in direct competition with both Pittsburgh and Cincy. The football in Cleveland must have been truly terrible this year for fans to watch their heated rival instead.

Going 0-13 (with the possibility of being the second team in history to go winless) will drive you to do some crazy things. No one can blame them for trying to opt out of the glorified rock fight happening in Buffalo this weekend. The bombardment of people asking for that Steelers game is just the latest move to help send a message to ownership that people are tired of having their Sundays wrecked during the football season.

But there's some good news for Browns fans because the dream of the perfect season is alive and well. The Cavaliers are amazing and J.R. Smith also plays for your city. Life is about finding the silver linings, and sometimes the bright side is that the season will be over soon and you can get back to watching teams that actually win.