Frequently (especially in his walk years) you get seemingly endless hypotheticals over where LeBron James will sign if/when he hits free agency, whether it's Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Antonio, or pretty much every club including the Warriors. Also, occasionally, you hear people wax hypotheticals over what would've happened in an alternate universe where LeBron dipped on basketball in favor of football, and became the greatest tight end/wide receiver in NFL history. People just like to talk about him; and internet writers who may have previously rolled their eyes at that have lost the moral authority to say anything due to the sheer volume of kind-of-news that comes up about one of the the world's most famous athletes.

On Tuesday, everything I just mentioned above coalesced, as Steelers star rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster made his pitch to get LeBron to quit basketball and come join his team in Pittsburgh. Smith-Schuster was joking (of course) but he did say that if LeBron came to the NFL and won a Super Bowl he'd be the best athlete ever:

That tweet came about 24 hours after these, which I think(?) are all related:

The best player in the league leaving a sport in the middle of his prime to go try his hand at another. Yeesh, what kind of dumb dumb would actually go ahead and do that?