As she frequently is, Ayesha Curry was in the crowd cheering on her husband last night for Game 5 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors would end up falling to the Houston Rockets 98-94. Being a recognizable wife of one of the Warriors superstars, Ayesha is prone to some heckling from the Rockets faithful after the game, but one fan took things a little too far. 

A video shows a fan approaching the now 8-months pregnant Ayesha and her father-in-law Dell Curry outside of the Toyota Center. It started out as fun banter that she seemed to counter with some jabs of her own, but turned into an uncomfortable situation rather quickly. "Look at her. She's all bitter and sour. She's all bitter and sour. Look at her! She's being all rude," says the fan in the video. 

In response to the trash talking fan, Ayesha can be seen taking a cigarette and tossing it back in his face before the video cuts off. She claims that she was then bumped by the fan in her "pregnant belly" during the exchange. 

Ayesha was quick to respond to the video being posted on social media by a Rockets fan account with a tweet of her own questioning how someone had "the audacity" to post a video that showed her being treated so disrespectfully. She claims that the person taunting her bumped her stomach after saying, "Doesn't losing feel like getting punched in the gut?"

Later in the day, Ayesha tweeted another response out claiming she initially thought it was just an accident that the disrespectful fan bumped her in the crowd until he continued and made the out of line comment. She also notes how the video circulating on social media does not show the full extent of the incident.

similar incident recently occurred with the also-pregnant Cardi B. A crowd of fans started an altercation after the rapper refused to take a photo with them. Cardi later expressed part of the reason she is not as willing to take pictures with fans is because she is trying to protect her baby.

Apparently, some people out there lack the moral values to realize putting your hands on a pregnant woman is completely wrong. At least we can be thankful that nothing serious occurred in either incident.

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