Joel Embiid, who recently suffered from an orbital fracture after colliding with teammate Markelle Fultz, is trying to convince Rihanna to go out with him once again.

The Philadelphia 76ers player underwent surgery to repair the fractured orbital bone on Saturday, and apparently no one thought it may be a good idea to take his cell phone away once he woke up. Embiid watched Kansas get destroyed in the Final Four post surgery. He then decided to reach out to Rihanna, a choice that was possibly encouraged by the sadness of seeing his alma mater lose and probably influenced by the medication he was presumably on. He tweeted, "Babe are you single or nah? @rihanna." Minutes later, he tweeted a quote of himself, "'Process' stop... I thought you were an ALL STAR."

Earlier this year, Embiid was declared an All-Star and fans thought this was the perfect time to go out with him. Embiid has been trying to date Rihanna since he entered the league back in 2014. He announced publicly that he no longer had a crush on Kim Kardashian and Rihanna was the girl for him. In July 2014, he began to half-jokingly tweet requests for dinner dates with Rihanna. Rihanna did follow him back on Twitter and the next month, Embiid tweeted that a "famous girl" turned him down and said, "Come back when you're [an] All Star."