After the trades get made and the signings get finalized, the NBA offseason can prove to be a boring time for basketball fans. Thankfully, the lull in action allows for some talented people to get creative. Toronto Raptors fan and graphic designer, John Mong, decided to pass the time by embarking on an incredibly unique and awesome passion project. The illustrator and art guru painstakingly modified every NBA team's logo and transformed them into a Raptors-themed icon. What came out of the mission is some slick and equally mind-bending results.

Simply titled Vector Design: Raptors Vs. NBA, the elaborate work proved to be a truly fruitful experiment. Along with his NBA remixes, Mong has also created dope hybrid logos and even Blue Jays-inspired Street Fighter art. If it all sounds totally wild, it’s because it is! Mong’s NBA series has since blown up on Reddit, with almost 27k upvotes. To admire all of the designer’s work, check out his website here. We’ve also selected some of our favourite Raptors frankenlogos below.