Shaquille O’Neal’s feet are some of the ugliest feet on the face of the earth (LeBron James is probably a close second). We found that out back in May 2015 when Shaq dropped this bombshell of an Instagram post on the world:


She was like dam you got some pretty feet

A post shared by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on May 28, 2015 at 5:23pm PDT


But apparently, Shaq isn’t ashamed of his feet. At all. So during TNT’s broadcast of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday night—which the Cavaliers won comfortably over the Celtics 135-102—Shaq showed off his feet on live TV. And somehow, his toes looked even worse than we all remembered them:


The social media response to TNT’s shot of Shaq’s toes was swift, and naturally, most people were grossed out by it. Here’s what people had to say after seeing what Shaq tucks into his size 22 shoes everyday:

Even Shaq’s own son Shareef was like:

Shaq doesn’t seem to have a problem with the way his feet look. But for our sake, can he please make more of an effort to keep his socks and shoes on from now on?