We're always wondering what it is about LeBron James which has given him a step above the competition. For the longest, we attributed LeBron's success to his unique 6'8", 250-pound frame, but then, a picture of his feet popped up on Reddit and everything became clear. Bron Bron is a foot freak of nature. 

Look, we always try to toe the line when it comes to not pissing off the James fans out there, however, we gotta call it like we see it. And here, we see three regularish toes, if we can even say that. Then, there's the big toe which is hiding and possibly afraid of sunlight, and the pinky...damn, that pinky toe...is located in the upper deck or mezzanine level of the foot. It's just a huge mess.

So, take a deep breath and click the thumbnail. Remember to eat dinner first, too.    

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[via Bleacher Report]