You're going to miss Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman when he's gone. That's the message the star wanted to get across to the media earlier today when he canceled his weekly press conference. “I’ll think about it. It’s a privilege, for me to go up there, you know. Not everybody appreciates it like you do,” Sherman said at his locker, according to Gregg Bell of the News Tribune. “I’m just going to make sure that people, you know, it’s a privilege to have me up there…[you’re] gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

Sherman's decision to forego his usual weekly press conference comes one week after he got into a heated exchange on the Dan, Dave, and Moore Show where the Seahawks cornerback threatened Seattle ESPN 710 AM radio station co-host Jim Moore, telling him, "I'll ruin your career." In the past, Sherman has used his time with reporters during the week to address a variety of topics, including expressing his disgust with playing on Thursday Night Football, and sharing his opinion on the issues affecting the country today.

Whether the media learns to appreciate Sherman before his next scheduled press conference or not, the Seahawks cornerback will most likely be answering reporters' questions before their first game of the playoffs. Just look at what happened when his former teammate Marshawn Lynch tried to avoid speaking with reporters. The NFL fined him, and threatened to fine him again and again until he got the message. Sherman will eventually get the message, too.  

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