One of these years, they're going to learn, right? 

This trash year offered up even more examples of how athletes and social media frequently make for a volatile mix. Too often we all get to witness the evisceration of reputations unfold in real-time. Usually, the posts that get these athletes into hot water and a million memes end up deleted, but fortunately Al Gore invented the screenshot and the interwebs so we're able to forever preserve every glorious dumpster fire post. Like the time the MVP's wife claimed the NBA Finals were rigged. Or that said MVP's teammates sent out a dick pic

So for the second straight year we're excited to bring you some of our favorite—and exceedingly embarrassing—social media moments from the past 12 months. Social media is so closely intertwined with how we watch, interpret, and react to sports that many of these things feel every bit as relevant as wins and losses. And honestly, if you were some of these people, you would've gladly taken a real-life loss than the internet-generated L of getting rejected in DMs by a porn star or losing millions because your Twitter got hacked on the biggest day of your life. Be thankful you're not famous.