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The Lions (8-4) played against the Saints (5-7) on Sunday in New Orleans. For some odd reason, ESPN's team of NFL expert unanimously predicted that the Saints would beat the NFC North division leaders. The Saints have dropped three of their last four games, whereas the Lions were on a three-game winning streak coming into today's game.

But in the end, the Lions beat the Saints 28-13, and the Lions' Twitter account had no compunction whatsoever to rub it in on these guys.

It's just too funny to turn the other cheek about this. Once in awhile, you're going to be wrong at making predictions. But the Lions have been on a roll, and even won the annual Thanksgiving showdown last month which they are hardly ever favored to do. But this prediction seemed way too easy to get right. Especially from the analysis of a so-called NFL expert.

Did they have Charles Barkley's publicized opinion in mind about the Lions from the 2014 season when they went winless in December after starting off their campaign pretty hot? Or perhaps they just liked the -5 Vegas odds that seemed like a good bet on New Orleans? That's as far as I can guess.

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