When Charles Barkley settles in to see a sports game, he wants to witness greatness. His words, not ours. So, when Barkley sat down to check out the Detroit Lions play, he was beyond disappointed. In fact, Chuck actually thought that the Lions had no idea how to play football. Ouch. 

“The Detroit Lions would be the perfect example of a team that’s got a bunch of talent that don’t have no clue, any clue, how to play football.”

“In the NBA I could go over a bunch of teams like that — who have a bunch of talent but they are never going to win. But when I watch that Detroit Lions team play, I’m like ‘Wow, man they got a lot of talent, but they have no idea how to play football.’ And it’s frustrating to watch because I’m a fan. 

Maybe Barkley is speaking on the Lions team that showed up following their 6-3 start in November because in their last seven games, Detroit went 1-6 and winless in December. So, while Barkley could be right about the Lions during the second half of the season, there was a point where the team did know how to play, and pretty well at that. But that's definitely not enough of a consolation for the Lions fans out there. 

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[via Eye On Football]