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Ronda Rousey has used her six-month medical suspension to recover from the nasty injuries she suffered during her loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 last November. Now everyone is wondering when Rousey is going to make her comeback to The Octagon. Even UFC President Dana White stated a month after Rousey's loss that the fighter would have a rematch against Holm in July at UFC 200

That obviously didn't happen. But Rousey knows who she wants to fight to get back in the swing of things: Cris Cyborg.

In the latest episode of the podcast UFC Unfiltered, White revealed Rousey's preference for her comeback match. “Ronda wants to fight [Cris],” White said. “We’ll have to figure out at what weight to fight. But Ronda wants that fight.”

Cyborg got wind of Rousey's wish to be on the same card, and trolled her opponent-to-be with this tweet:

Rousey has 3 KOs and 3 submissions in her record, while Cyborg has 15 KOs and one submission. So when the comeback fight finally happens, Rousey's work is certainly cut out for her.