Ronda Rousey was pretty beat up after losing by knockout to Holly Holm in UFC 193 over the weekend, so much so that when she returned to the states yesterday, she did everything she could to hide her face

The UFC doesn't allow its athletes to compete for a certain period of time when severe injuries are sustained, so Rousey (and Joanna Jedrzejczyk) were each hit with medical suspensions that will last up to six months. Elias Cepeda of FOX Sports has some additional details:

The medical suspensions usually are handled by state athletic commissions regulating the fights and not made public. However, for last weekend's fight card in Australia, the UFC regulated itself in the absence of a commission and released a full list of medical suspensions to

The suspension descriptions indicate concern for a head injury with Rousey and a broken right hand with Jedrzejczyk. ...

Rousey's suspension is also for 180 days, unless she is cleared by a head CT scan that reveals no damage. She is not to fight again for 60 days and not to have contact for 45.

Rousey went just three months between the fight against Bethe Correia and the one against Holm, so forcing her to sit out an additional three months to heal up seems like a wise decision. 

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