For at least a month now, Johnny Manziel has been hanging out in southern California, so it's only natural that he would find his way to Coachella over the weekend. And because there's an amateur photographer with an overactive lens trigger finger wherever he goes, it was only natural that he'd get snapped doing something that'd continue to keep NFL teams completely uninterested in signing him as a free agent. No doubt he could be doing something far worse than reverting to a four-year-old. If this were Tom Brady, nobody would care. However, given the baggage he's racked up in an insanely short amount of time, you probably couldn't setup a better image to illustrate why even the Cowboys have given up on him.

Also, he bumped into Drake's dad:

Seems like he's taking that Drew Rosenhaus threat very seriously.

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[via therealdennisg, @RajPC1]