Johnny Manziel has spent most of the last week partying in Los Angeles, and TMZ Sports has been there every single step of the way. They’ve documented him walking into and out of more clubs than we can count, and they’ve tried really, really, really hard to get him to answer questions about football. Last night, they were finally successful.

As Manziel walked out of The Nice Guy nightclub in Hollywood, TMZ Sports asked him if he plans on playing football again next season. And surprisingly, he answered.

“Of course, my man,” he said, before speaking directly to the cameraman who asked the question. “Have a great night. My TMZ family! I appreciate you, bro.”

Manziel also gave a shout-out to his mom.

“To my mom, back at home, Tyler, Texas,” he said, “we love you. All of you.”

Check out the clip above to see Manziel speak. He sounds better than he did last week when he gave a shout-out to Scott Disick, but realistically, how many more nights is he going to spend clubbing in L.A.?!

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[via TMZ Sports]