Earlier this month, on February 5th, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel added to his list of unsavory decisions by doing just what the NFL didn't need for their public relations campaign against domestic violence attacks on women— getting in a nasty physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

The troubles continue for the former Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner who allegedly hit his girlfriend after they began their fight in a Dallas hotel called ZaZa, which continued into Manziel's car. Crowley reported to police that Manziel forcefully grabbed her hair, pulled her back into the car as she tried to run out, and struck her in the left ear so hard that she lost her inability to hear for at least two days following the incident.

Earlier today, Dallas Police Department told the press that they obtained surveillance video footage of the altercation. Although, they refused to detail the contents of the video. ESPN.com writer Pat McManamon reported Dallas police Maj. Midge Boyle's statement: "There has been no determination as to what charge, if any, will be filed against Mr. Manziel." She also stated that the police have spoken to Crowley, along with other witnesses, but "have not spoken yet to Manziel." Rebecca Lopez of WFAA ABC in Dallas-Fort Worth stated that a decision to charge Manziel has not been finalized, but it may go to a grand jury "for a decision about possible domestic violence charges."

A judge has put a protective order in place for Manziel to not have any contact with Crowley for two years. Here is the statement from Crowley, tweeted by Lopez:

Manziel vehemently denied the incident by saying "it didn't happen." More details to come as this story, and Manziel's career downward spiral, continues.

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