Between thinking about the beginning of the 2015-16 NBA season and thinking about the end of his relationship with Khloé Kardashian, we would guess that the absolute last thing on James Harden’s mind right now is Lil B. But according to the Based God, the curse that he put on Harden earlier this year is officially back on again.

Why, you ask? Well, earlier this week, Harden put this photo of him doing Lil B’s cooking dance on Instagram:

And if you know Lil B, you know that he does not appreciate people using that dance without his permission (except Peyton Manning, who is apparently free to do the dance whenever he wants). So he just told TMZ Sports that he’s putting the Based God Curse back on Harden after lifting it over the summer.

“The curse is officially back active,” he said. “It’s disgusting. He’s still in denial. He will pay for the blatant disrespect and no honor to the originator. All he has to do is show love. Harden has gone too far this time.”

Well then. It sounds like this season is going to start exactly like the last one ended.

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[via TMZ Sports]