If James Harden knows what's good for him and the Houston Rockets, he will do whatever Lil B asks. Earlier this week, The Based God reached out to Harden, who was seen doing a gesture which looked a lot like his cooking danceAll Lil B wants is an explanation and since the Rockets star shooting guard has failed to clear things up with him, The Based God Curse that has marred Kevin Durant's career may be effect soon.

Following last night's Game 3 loss to the Golden State Warriors, Lil B made one more last ditch effort to save the 25-year-old guard.

To show that The Based God Curse is definitely in the works with Harden, Lil B proved it by citing Game 3 of the Warriors/Rockets series

The Based God has spoken. Harden, we all need answers! 

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[via Black Sports Online]