Lil B is done messing with James Harden…for now.

Even though Harden has refused to acknowledge Lil B's existence and even though it doesn't seem like Harden is going to stop using Lil B's cooking dance anytime soon, the rapper just revealed that he is lifting the Based God's Curse immediately because, well, we'll let him explain it to you:

Good news, right? Sort of. The problem with the Based God's Curse is that it seems to come and go. Lil B removed it from Kevin Durant a few years ago before eventually putting it back on him. So if we had to guess, Harden is definitely going to come into contact with the curse again. But at the very least, he should be in the clear for the rest of the offseason, so he shouldn't have to worry about stuff like this happening to him again. Er, at least, we hope not.

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[via FanSided]